Dance Programs

Introductory Program

Our Introductory Program is where it all starts.  You will be introduced to several dances and be shown the characteristics of the dances as well as timing and basic styling.  As you progress through this privately taught program, you will gain confidence in your ability to connect steps as you learn how to perform the dances.


Social Dance Program

The Social Dance Program enables you to be  comfortable and confident in any social situation from your smoothest night club moves, your next company function or hitting the dance floor on your vacation cruise.  You will concentrate on   social and club dances so that you will have fun, get in shape and be Off And Dancing!


Group Class Program

We offer a variety of group classes. From a single dance to basic steps in several dances, we can help you learn to dance in a casual  environment with others at your level of      experience.  Group session are an incredible way to learn to dance in a social setting.


Medalist Dance Program


The Medalists Programs are designed for the student who is serious about their proficiency in ballroom dancing.  Beginning with the  Basic Bronze Level and continuing through the Silver Level, the student will continue to achieve better timing, more intricate footwork, more appealing styling and more importantly – greater confidence as a       ballroom dancer.


Basic Bronze

 The Basic bronze Program consists of  mastering the first five steps and variations in  Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Tango, Samba, Merengue, Mambo and Swing.  Instruction includes rhythm & timing, posture or frame, foot position and leading/following.


Full Bronze 

The Full Bronze Program builds upon the Basic Program with more in-depth footwork, timing and styling.  It helps the student gain freer movement around the dance floor while expanding their variety of steps.  The remaining steps in each of the Basic Bronze Level dances will fill out this program.


Corporate Events & Parties


Let us help you with  your company event or party .  We can provide many types of  entertainment from exhibitions to group  instruction.  We can also be available to host your dance event by coordinating a lesson and being  available to dance with the guests once the music starts.